Monday, May 6, 2013

Zijr band - Interview with Syed Hussain Ajmal

I met a very talented musician group the Zijr band, i really liked their music, it looking forward for a succesful future. I asked Syed Hussain Ajmal about the formation:

How did you manage to form a band?
Ayaz Ali formed the Zijr band .. first he learned the guitar and then he took interest to make a band by name Zijr.

What and Who inspired you in forming Zijr band?
Our inspiration was Linkin park, Sonu Nigam, Akash band, Call band, Noori band,, and Junoon band. 

What problems did you face to achieve the Zijr band career?
Alots of problems we faced to achieve the band just like legs puling ,, budget ,, backbites, and almost in the Pakistan its very complicated to hold the Audion to get their flavor of music ... but every time we did great performances and people l really enjoy our live concerts and songs also.

Who have you worked with?
We have worked with Sam Akash band,  Rizwan Butt XS studio, Apiczone studio and with alots famous artist like Call band, Noori,, Atif Aslam,, Jal band.

What are future plans?
We going to shoot a video of our new song Betabiyaan by Zijr.. and plan is about a complete songs albums as soon possible INSHAALLAH .... AND specially about international tours. 

Thank you very much Syed, I wish the best for the Zijr band... 

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