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Interview with Shujat Ali Khan great young Singer and Musician

- I could call my self lucky, because I had the opportunity to make an interview, with a very talended young singer and musician Shujat Ali Khan. Big names can be found in his family, so he neednt go so far, to find the best mentors.

Shujat Ali Khan, grandson of legendary classical singer Ustad Salamat Ali Khan and son of leading contemporary classical singer Sharafat Ali Khan and nephew of Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan, has been singing since he was seven. Coming from Sham Chaurasi gharana (school of thoughts), which was founded in the 16th century by Mian Chand Khan and Mian Suraj Khan who were contemporaries of Mian Tansen at the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Shujat inherited the special talent for music. His grandfather Salamat Ali Khan and maternal grandfather, Nazakat Ali Khan were rated among the top classical singers. Shujat Ali Khan is the 12Th generation of Shamchurasi Gharana. Singing was in his blood so naturally he had to become a singer and to establish his career in singing. Ustad Salamat Ali Khan was his early guru then after his death Shujat started to learn music from his father Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan and his Uncle Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan.
Shujaat did his intermediate from the Government College Lahore and completed his graduation privately.
Shujat participated in a very popular TV reality show named SaReGaMaPa in 2008 and gave amazing performances on the stage of Saregamapa in front of legendary singers like Asha ji, Ghulam Ali Sahib, Suresh Wadkar, Anand ji bhai and Kavita ji as well as the mentors of Saregamapa challenge 2009 Himesh Reshammiya, Aadesh Shrivastava, Pritam and Shankar Mahadevan. Shujat is of the view though he did not win the competition but he won the hearts of the people who understand music and that really matters for him. He is really passionate about his singing and working very hard to establish his career in singing.

- Its no doubt, that you were surrounded by music since your early ages, but please tell me, how did you choose this path, and when?

Shujat Ali Khan: - Singing is not only my passion but its in my blood. From my childhood i loved to sing and i used to sing all the way either in classroom or its my home. I brought up by my grandparents. My grand father Maestro Salamat Ali Khan used to practice in front of me when i was so little and i used to sing with him. Finally my grandfather started teaching me classical music. Since that time i became passionate for singing and i choose singing as my profession.

- What and who did really inspire you to get into field music?

Shujat Ali Khan: - My real inspiration is my grand father Maestro Salamat Ali Khan, my father Maestro Sharafat Ali Khan and my Uncle Maestro Shafqat Ali Khan. when i started listening them then i decided to sing like them. But its hard to say that i can sing like them but i try to follow those such great classical music Maestros. So finally they became my inspiration in the field of music. –Listening to your singles, there is no use questioning your talent.

- Lots of work needed to build a carrier and become famous, wich contains hard moments also...

Shujat Ali Khan: - I just wana say Thanks to God who always help me all the way. I never found any problem while making my singing career, whatever i wished for i got it. But at this point wana definitely share something which i think is very important for me is that. Whatever profession we choose for ourselves its not an easy job to get it so quick. We require struggle in it to achieve your goal. I believe in it and i applied these instructions on myself. I am still in struggle and will keep going on with same hard work to get my aim. - What you achieved represents, that hardworking always birngs succes.

- Whom you met by your work, and where have you been lately?

Shujat Ali Khan: - I worked with many best musicians and artist nationally and internationally. Last year i went to India i got a chance to meet Salim-Suleman hugely talented music directors and had a jam session with them and got big appreciation. Then met Vishal and Shekhar very best music producers made them listen few of my music samples and was highly admired by them. Worked with Pritam who was also my Mentor in SaReGaMaPa. I worked with my uncle the great maestro Shafqat Ali Khan in Switzerland with musician Reto Weber and Band. It was a jazz band based in Swiss we were invited there by Swiss government.
In America i got a chance to share stage with a highly popular indian singer named Sunidhi Chauhan that was also a great experience. 2010 february i went to UAE with my uncle Shafqat Ali Khan for few of classical workshops and performances with few European promoters and artist. We were invited by Abu Dhabi government and promoter named Aski Mufti took our ban there.

- What are your dreams, who do you want to work wth in the future?

Shujat Ali Khan: - Now i want to  work with artists from all over the globe. I wanna make a world tour and wana perform with the best artist of the world. Besides that i wanna work with a great Tabla Maestro Zakir Hussain, the great percussionist drummer Mr. Shiva Mani, Mr. A R Rahmaan, the great keyboard and music producer Yanni, Mariah Carey etc etc.
I wanna make fusion with all of those great musicians. - Oh, these are wonderful plans, i wish you can accomplish all of them.

- You git evereything for the succes...what are results of your achievements?

Shujat Ali Khan: - InshAllah results will be positive all the way, as i mentioned already my belief is  strong.
- What you think how is a musician life nowadays, easy or hard?

Shujat Ali Khan: - Nowadays i must say music scene is not too much in Pakistan really, but the competition is quite strong among all the artists. I believe in hard work and i am following this thing and inshallah my belief is strong and i will make it easier with my devotion to my music.

- Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?

Shujat Ali Khan: - I had many musical projects which i completed, but i wanna share my own album musical project which i completed recently. I really put lots of hard work on it and hopefully my audience gonna like it. One special thing i wana share to my fans and friends i did some musical projects as a music producer as well with few American Musicians in which i worked on a project with American music producer Mr.Richard Michos (guitarist),John Steiner (piano) and Mannose (flutes). One project i did as a music producer with a great DJ named Mr. Cheb i Saba from America. These are few musical experiences which i shared and enjoyed alot.

- You went far lately, you must have a lot of plans in the future, plesae tell us about them.

Shujat Ali Khan: - My music Album is ready to launched and very soon i am going to release it. First i will release a music video then will launch my album after that. I am also launching my sufi classical band very soon as a mystic and classical music with fusion. - That is  fantastic, i wait it excited.

- You must have a lot of experinece, as a musician, do you have any advice for young people who want become in the field of media (Music/ television/ Film)?

Shujat Ali Khan:- My advice to young musicians and artists who really wana come and wana make their place as an upright artists. I suggest them to practice all the way, get best training from a right teacher and a right guide and keep their beliefs strong to get their goal. never lose heart and try try again till succeed.
Few of my songs are sung in Bollywood Movies inshallah hope my audience listen it soon.

- Its fantastic to hear someone in such a young age talking this wisely, i wish that your succes will be worldwide, and your dreams will come true.
Thank you.


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Thursday, November 22, 2012

New song release: Mere Khuda by Addy Rocker

Addy Rocker
I working on my album these

ADDY: on vocals

Sensational singer in this Era... And have a complete package of semi classical and Rock Vocals, The Magic of his soft voice Give's you a complete pleasure like you never heard before...


Mere Khuda yeh kiya majra
Tere bina chain aye na,

Main jalti rahi simat ti rahi
Ulajhti rahi bikhar si gai,

socho mei dooba chahra tera
khayaalo mei uljha basera tera,

yaadain teri yaad ati rahi !
batain teri rulati rahi !

mere khuda ye kia majra
tere bina chain aye na,
Toota hai jo dil ab ye beZubaan
jalta hai daman or jalta makaan,

yaadon ki aanchal mei chupii dastaan
sunate hain aansu sunlo zara,

yaadain teri yaad ati rahi !
baatain teri rulati rahi !

Mere khuda ye kia majra
tere binaa chain aye na,

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Interview with Sharon William John Great Young Singer and Guitarist

My name is Sharon William John I started Music at age of 4 with playing tabla then i switched on to harmonium and with classical singing then i started guitars and i was running my own band The Last Fret but because of some reason we just broke up with that.

What and who did really inspire you to get into field music?
Well my Grand father Mr.Jackson Gill  inspired me to get into  the profession of Singing and there are many Ustad's like Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Ghulam Ali, Ustad Amanat Ali, Ustad Baray Ghulam Ali who are my sip of inspiration.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
Well i didn't achieved any thing like success in my career well seeking for it with my work and hard work with full determination in short you can say that am a struggling. They are many problems to achieve success in any field such as  financial support and  parents support and etc etc…

Who have you worked with?
Well i had worked with many artists such as Shafqat Amanat Ali, QB, Ali Zafar, Ali Azmat and many more on concerts as a singer as a guitarist

Is there any artist you want to work with?
Well i wanna work with all the artist in sub continent who are superbly awesome. My dream is to work with AR Rehman and Hari Haran.

What are results of your achievements?
My results of achievements are not yet completed but i had achieved many things here to be as a professional but there are many things to be achieved yet such as name fame money etc etc…

How do you see the work nowadays in your field easy or difficult?
Well these days Work is bit difficult because ratio of competition level is very high so you have to prepared for everything you got.

Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?
Well i had Worked on Neend na aye and many more covers of song which is my favorite project  yet.

What are your plans for the future?
My future planning is to a tribute The legends of music Such like Ustad Mehdi Hassan Jagit Singh Ghulam Ali Amanat Ali Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan album with Various artists.

Do you have any advice for young people who want become in the field of media (Music/ television/ Film)?
Well my advice for the youngsters with upcoming talents is to be professional in your field be honest with your music and work work hard and have good  acknowledge about music and just try to Learn learn more and more and then apply it in studio recordings everyone is good enough because we got that techs improvise it but we should be very strong as a live singer as a good music contender.

my contact number is +923238836016

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