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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Interview with Ali Raza Jaffrey Great Music Producer, Composer and Pianist

My name  is  Ali Raza Jaffrey I am from a musical family of Pakistan 3rd generation into music and specially piano, guitars and singing compositions and arrangements. 

My grandfather Master Mazoor Hussain the B badge pianist for Pakistan film industry mostly worked with Master Inayat Hussain, talking about my grandfahter we have another legend of preparation era Master Bassay Khan he was the uncle of my grandfather and used to play pedal harmonium my grandmothers father used to accompany Master Barkat Ali khan on Sarangi brother of Ustad Barey Ghulam Ali Khan. 

Barkat Ali Khan then my grandmother played in the laps of Barey Ghulam Ali Khan and then comes my father his name is Azhar Hussain the one of the finest pianist of India, Pakistan and Music Director arranger right now in USA.

On his 25 consecutive Pakistan day celebration show in Washington dc on the keyboards

India tour guests of Indian President on keyboards

me and my dad had same piano teacher our grand dad.

There is my uncle of mine who lives in  Canada and   has studio and music company out there.
We all are from famous and prestigious college of Pakistan Government college university Lahore me my dad uncle my younger brother all graduated from that college. 

He is my uncle from Toronto... Jagjit Singh famous ghazal singer from India  and my uncle is a great keyboardist.

My dad is  in Canada with Jeyah Bhadre Bachan and Munni Begum

Dad with grand son of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan sahib

My college music society:
I got admission to govt college on music seat and kinship after trials in between 250 candidates. We all from Govt college are called Ravians and we are now old Ravians

My dads real brother Nadeem Ali got college role of honour in music from Govt college and is the batch mate of Shafqat Amanat Ali and Rustam Fateh Ali Khan.
My batch mates were Ali Zafar Sarmad Khosaat  famous drama director now and Amanat Ali son of great comedian Amman Ullah and Ali Rana son of Masood Rana the Pakistani Rafi at time of admission to govt college after trials the principal there interviewed us and asked questions about ragsand my grand dad was sitting beside me it was year 1995 then after doing my FSC  general sciences means stats economics and library sciences plus music initial training i came to Karachi to my dad My dad left Lahore and film industry in 1979 (The year i was born) and came to Karachi with my dad.

After death of my grand dad and departure of my uncle to Canada then hard core period started for practice of piano under my dads supervision and hard rules for more then 5 years i played piano for almost 8 hours in a day time and 6 hours harmonium in nights scales ragas piano harmonium.
I use to see my face in piano wood polish that how much i became familiar with the piano learned how to tune and repair the wires in it then he bought me my 1st keyboard after many years of requesting talking about my dad and the keyboard was Ensoniq TS 10. It was a good sequencer but with less tone variety so after ts 10 he bought me Korg Triton rack mount module and i started working here and there small recordings songs different studios. It was 2002 then did my 1st job in an animation house as a music and audio head it name was Post Amazers. There I did many commercials TV and jingles cartoon series there voice overs music and sound effects mean while i always preferred to have my own home studio which i have and i running  my  home studio for almost 10 years. Then left job for another animation house and after that joined dawn news TV as a sound designer. For channel the only sound designer did commander Safe Guard cartoon series of Pakistan music and it went global like James Bond music or else at Post Amazers then shifted my studio to market place out of home studio.

My younger brothers are also music producer's next younger to me had studio in London for many years but now he is back to Pakistan and having his studio in the same street i have at Zamzama Karachi. My  youngest brother like Justin Berber type singer and dancer and music producer

he is next younger to me his name is Qasim

Asim is the youngest now we all a working good mostly working with advertising agencies and production houses for TV commercials drama original sound tracks tv jingles drama back ground score and private albums infect any thing related to audio we provide service our company name is music links web site our chairman is our dad, i am the CEO and producer, director.

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