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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Interview with Ubaid Khan Musician

Dedication, inspiration, and motivation are just a few words that describe the mesmerizing talent of Ubaid Khan. By giving progressive rock a personal touch, Ubaid Khan has embezzled the hearts of numerous fans.  His passion for music began in his youth, listening to music with hopes of pursuing it as a career.  As the years progressed, Ubaid’s ambition for music arose, and in 1998 he received a gift that changed his life, his father gave him his first Fender Strat electric guitar. Practicing day and night Ubaid developed his vocal abilities and songwriting skills.

            In an attempt to pursue his passion for music and display his vocal and creative maturity, Ubaid joined a local band called Kavi. As the vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Kavi, Ubaid performed in numerous shows. Being part of Kavi not only gave Ubaid the opportunity to initiate his career as a musician, but more importantly develop the prospect of team work with the band members.  Recently, Ubaid has departed from Kavi to fulfill his personal desire of becoming a solo artist. “Sochta Hoon” co-written by Ubaid and produced by Ghazi for the movie Mookitab has been a cornerstone in his career, but this is just the beginning!

             “Safar” which means journey in Urdu, is Ubaid’s work in progress. This album is extremely personal. As stated by the artist himself, “I chose this name because all the songs in the album tell a story…my story. Each song is a chapter of my life. Each song is very personal, and I know you won’t be disappointed.” So fans get ready to be astonished by the vocals, creativity, and compositions of this amazing young artist! (By a fan of Ubaid Khan)

My Name is Ubaid Khan, im 28 and I’m from Pakistan, but based in Houston, TX. And I love music.

Which musical instrument do you play?
I play guitar and vocals, sometimes I like to play the piano.

What and who did really inspire you to get onthe field of music?
I always used to listen to music, like everyone else. But one band that would always stand out was Mizraab. Listening to the music just really inspired me to play an instrument.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
Problems... one really as of yet. I hope to keep it like that, but it’s the start right now, lets see how it goes.

Who have you worked with?
I used to be part of an amazing band called Kavi, that was my very first band. I loved it, and really enjoyed playing with my friends. We were having fun, yet were dedicated to make good music. After Kavi, I briefly joined another band by the name of Ghazi. Again, great people and amazing musicians, but i soon realized we had different musical tastes. So I left and embarked on my solo path. Recently, I collaborated with Shamail Haider and the Unmonde Music team to produce a track called “Pyar Hai,” which will be releasing soon online and will be available to download. It’s a great song, I hope all of you like it. Now, I am in the process of collaborating with other artists and hopefully soon will be launching some songs for you people.
What are the results of your achievements?
I have not been nominated for any award yet, but since this is the beginning, I hope to just create some good music and let people hear what I have to offer…if they like it, that’s a achievement for me. I have shared the stage with some of Pakistan’s biggest artists, like Junoon and Shehzad Roy and that was an amazing experience.

How do you see the work in your  field nowadays, easy or difficult?
Its pretty good. Its just that there are a lot of people in this field, you just have to see what sets you apart from the rest.

What are your plans for the future in your field?
Continue making music for my fans.
Aadat (cover): 

Tanhai (cover): Collaboration with Ghazi the band:


my fanpage is coming soon on Facebook.

 I wish you great career, you are too much talented masha Allah

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interwiew with Amit Ranjan Srivastava Great Young Musician

My name is Amit Ranjan Srivastava. 21 years old. I belong to Ranchi (Jharkhand) India. I did my intermediate from St.Xavier's College Ranchi and now doing from the same college. I am a singer and musician.. And music is a part of my life and can’t live without it....

You have a great profession singing, how did you start?
First of all i am very thank full to God who given me art of singing as a gift.. and then my parents who are also very interested in music and their support and my father is my first guru also... I started singing when i was 5 years old. And because we were in a very small village so there was not any musical institute. So i could not taken  training of classical music. But according to my own practice i can sing well.

Beside singing do you play any musical instruments?
I can play some instruments  like- harmonium, naal, banjo and tabla.

What and who did really inspire you to get into field  music?
When i was in intermediate 1st year till then never  thought to make singing as my profession. And i did not know about the singing reality shows which are going on very much now a days. Reason was: we had not any dish tv or cable connection. When i was in 2 nd year i started watching a reality show called Sare Gamapa on Zee tv that reality shows actually inspired me...

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
Well i think i have not achieved my career yet but wherever i am now, i faced so many problems. I know that i will have to face so many problems ahead in achieving my career....

Who have you worked with?
I have worked with a band called “Symphony Musical” group Ranchi and a very well known band called “Rajasthan Roots” of Rajasthan as a  singer and a group called “Aum the Existence on Stage” as music director in Mumbai.

What are results of your achievements?
Well god is been so kind to a days i perform with various musical bands, in Gagarin Orchestras and many others as a singer and an instrument player too..

How do you see the work nowadays in your field Easy or difficult?
According to me its all depends on how much we labour....if we work harder it will be easy otherwise more thing luck is also a factor behind it... if someone works harder and is not lucky then he can’t get success....

What are your plans for the future in your field?
In future if God blesses, i have have a dream to launch my own album and also to have my own band with  a great success.......

I wish you great succesful career!

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