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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Interview with Zohaib Khawar Great Musician

Zohaib Khawar born in october 1992, has been contributing to the music industry from his early childhood. Starting from keyboard at the age of 7, Zohaib Khawar has greatly enhanced his music and vocal skills and made quite some name by supporting and uplifting different Radio and TV channels through his recordings, commercials and jingles. He has also worked with some of the most renowned and acclaimed artists of industry. Zohaib Khawar also had a deep relation with so many radio stations and sung so many Radio commercials and Jingle songs for different local products.....Currently residing in Jhelum, he is working on his own Album and also pursuing his education.

Zohaib Khawar awarded as Best Singer of Jhelum in a Regional competition in year 2008. Achieved number of awards from different occasions held at Schools, Colleges, Universities as Singer and Musician.
Performed as a Guitarist and Vocalist with various artists of Industry like Shahbaz Khan, Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch, Bilal Saeed, Jawad Ahmed, Kamran Akhtar, Jarrar Rizvi, Qadir Ali Shaggun, etc. Also composed and arranged various Jingles for Radio & TeleVision.
Education :
Currently Doing Bs (Hons.) Computer Science from University of Gujrat, Pakistan

1. Got 4th position at PTV National Song Competition "Ae nigar-e-watan" out of 600 participants from all over pakistan
2. Got Best Performance Award from Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi
Started learning basics from Keyboard at the age of 7 years, and then gradually started Guitars and now doing both.

My father is great inspiration for me to enter into the music field. He is Music Graduate (Punjab University Lahore) in Sitar and Shagird(student) of Ustaad Nafees Ahmed Khan. So in this musical environment i got interest in this melodious field & learnt the Western Music Basics and its collaboration with our Eastern Music Scales...!

Problems in Achieving Career:
Competition in Overall Music Field has grown up rapidly by the Advent of Private Media Channels. Now-a-days song is not listened but watched.. Means most of the people who can invest in the videos can become a singer in this regard and can get promotion and fame through money. I think the the audience should listen good music and promote the music of those people who properly learnt it. I think this is the main problem which is spoiling the true upcoming talent !
With Whom  have  you worked with?
I am working as a Musician (Guitarist) with "Night Chords -  The Band"
Working as a Music Arranger and Recordist at "Zohaib Recording Studios and Music Productions" Working as a Music Director with a NGO "Sehar Ministries"
Working as a Event Manager for Arranging Concerts and Events at "Sunrise FM 95"
Results of Achievements:
Well these days I'm performing with various bands and TV Channels as a Singer and Guitarist too, Meanwhile also arranging music albums for various artists.

How do you see the work nowadays in your field Easy or difficult?
I think that the work in this Music field has come to difficult these days because now a days one have to promote himself on all channels and Media’s to make his identity. People have lots of options to see and listen, and they used to listen the music with heavy budgeted videos. I think this thing has made difficulty for most of the Artists of the Age.

Plans for the future in your field?
Currently working at my album, which will soon release. Also planned to do some Fusion in Instrumental music like the collaboration of instruments like Sitar with Bass Guitar and Grand Piano..!

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