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Monday, May 6, 2013

Zijr band - Interview with Syed Hussain Ajmal

I met a very talented musician group the Zijr band, i really liked their music, it looking forward for a succesful future. I asked Syed Hussain Ajmal about the formation:

How did you manage to form a band?
Ayaz Ali formed the Zijr band .. first he learned the guitar and then he took interest to make a band by name Zijr.

What and Who inspired you in forming Zijr band?
Our inspiration was Linkin park, Sonu Nigam, Akash band, Call band, Noori band,, and Junoon band. 

What problems did you face to achieve the Zijr band career?
Alots of problems we faced to achieve the band just like legs puling ,, budget ,, backbites, and almost in the Pakistan its very complicated to hold the Audion to get their flavor of music ... but every time we did great performances and people l really enjoy our live concerts and songs also.

Who have you worked with?
We have worked with Sam Akash band,  Rizwan Butt XS studio, Apiczone studio and with alots famous artist like Call band, Noori,, Atif Aslam,, Jal band.

What are future plans?
We going to shoot a video of our new song Betabiyaan by Zijr.. and plan is about a complete songs albums as soon possible INSHAALLAH .... AND specially about international tours. 

Thank you very much Syed, I wish the best for the Zijr band... 

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Interview with Gohar Yousaf young talented Singer

- I met a young talented actor, with a wide horizon, please introduce yourself for my readers:

- Well my Name is Gohar Yousaf iam 21 years old. I am from Pakistan a Lahori desi fun loving guy. Doing my Bachelors in Mass communication.

- You were surrounded by music since your early ages, please tell me, how did you choose this path, and when?

- I’ve inherited this particular skill from my father as I don’t belong to a proper and popular musically trained family.
I started singing in my school when I was in my 6th grade our music teacher Mr. John wanted me to sing few lines for him... He was actually taking auditions for our school choir.
I used to be very shy that time. I was really nervous I just went to him in front of my class he said I know you are getting nervous just close your eyes and sing whatever you want to I was like okay :) started a patriotic song and he played his keyboards with me when I ended that particular song he said your selected! Your ON you have to be in our school Choir you deserve to be there I was shocked that time with a big smile on my face and said thank you sir :) The whole class appreciated alot and so Sir John as well... that moment was life Changing. I was like yes I did it yes :) came back home told my parents about it I was really happy that day  becoming part of my School choir was a big thing to me used to face 400 to 500 students daily of my school. My stage fear got vanished participated in numerous shows and competitions from school and
Learnt a lot of things, techniques how to perform and how to present the particular content in front of the audience... in my 8th Grade I got some friends who were like me so we used to Perform as a band as I was the lead vocalist that time got hell lot of appreciation as well. With the passage of time people suggested me to work more and I should pursue singing and make it my profession. And at the end of my 8th grade I made my own composition worked on it and in 2OO8 I released my Debut  Track Dill nay tujhey( home based version) and the response was huge.... when I started my College I officially started music did proper concerts with a passage of time achieved alot in my teen age. But there is a long way ahead I want more I need to learn more I want to achieve alot but at the same time I can now say that I have made my own image as well being in underground scene i am still struggling for my aims and goals and I believe with the Grace of God i'm gonna achieve them for sure. - I am very impressed by your story... you have great experienxes in your young ages yet.

- What and who did really inspire you to get into field music?

- hmm a thing which inspires me that would be Guitar 4 sure Jal the band from Lahore released their song Aadat in 2004 I started playing guitar noticing Goher Mumtaz (lead guitarist and Vocalist) of Jal he is my inspiration over all..

- Lots of work needed to build a carrier and become famous, wich contains hard moments also...

- I have achieved alot but its a start for me there is long way ahead...
Obviously when an artist gets fans! Haters and leg pullers rise as well... I know how much i am. Capable of so never gave a damn about it!!! I always wanted support and prayers from my parents which I got so no problems! - Self-confidence and perseverance are very important, and the competitors should be to strengthen you.

- Who have you worked with?

- I have worked with (Karwan Band) (The Band Pavan) (Insomniac)...

- Is there any artist you want to work with?

- Aim desperate to work with Jal the band and Shruti Hassan from Mumbai (India)

- How do you see the work nowadays in your field easy or difficult?

- Its Quite difficult nowadays in Pakistan spreading your music to your listeners is really a difficult task we only had youtube for making our content easily accessible to our public. Youtube is banned from a long time young musician use social networking websites to promote their stuff as well... Shortage of electricity and our music Channels play Indian and international content more than their own... this thing can lead to career of a musician to and end. But fingers crossed!! I hope our music industry will grow more and more and I think If you’re passionate about your work u will do anything to achieve your goals God make ways...
- Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?

- Yes, I do have and its Kyun Jioun its on youtube people can search it through Google as well. I made it in 2009 this particular song is based on a true story of a friend of mine... basically its about suicide bombing attacks... song showcases the feelings of those people who lose their loved ones in such pathetic acts. So yes kyun Jioun is really close too me and off course one of my own favorite project as well.

- What are your plans for the future?

- Well currently i'm working on couple of projects of my own and for few new upcoming artists as well. Will be making lyrical content for them. Next song is going to be a gospel song which will out in March! - Oh, these are wonderful plans, i wish you can accomplish all of them.

- Do you have any advice for the young generation who want come into  the field of media (Music/ television/ Film)?

- Advice would be that whatever you’re planning or u want to do in media u must have the knowledge about it get trained in your field because competition is so tough nowadays makes yourself as stronger as you can so you meet to the international level! 
Be yourself, believe in yourself always! Give all Credit to God be thankful to him and be down to earth as much as you can. - Its fantastic to hear someone in such a young age talking this wisely, i wish that your succes will be worldwide, and your dreams will come true.
Thank you.

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